Last year was a time of significant change for me and family. There were many changes and upheaval in the last few months alone.

I believe that the real journey begins when one door closes to open another. And, that everything happens for a reason whether or not it is obvious at the time. Both of these beliefs have guided me through the most difficult of times in my life and helped me to make sense of various twists and turns through this fantastic journey.

So, while I am laser focused on my journey a little thing like 50 extra pounds escaped my notice. Wow. How did I miss this!

I’ve got a new project. Me. Formalize my own diet. Join new gym. Get a personal trainer. Walk the talk.

I joined a 21-day Vegan kick-start program last November. I wanted to love it but I kept thinking of food all of the time. In addition to the ethical reasons, I really don’t like meat too much. Happy to give it up. But, I really don’t like soy. So, I eat mostly Vegetarian and when my body cries out for meat, I have a little bit and move on until the next time.

This brings me to the “next time”. I am now overweight and a formal plan will suit me best. I’ve opted for the South Beach Diet as I have the books that I bought about 10 years ago with Phase I, II, and III detailed. I had great success with this diet in the past. But, this time I am swapping out some of the dishes with Vegetarian dishes. So far, it’s working and the needle is moving downward each day for the last 6 days albeit a little slower than following the plan verbatim.

It’s also time to move around – a lot more than I have been for a long while. I’m lucky to have a brand new gym about 10 minutes from my home. This gym is state of the art. Today is my first full workout with my new personal trainer and she’s great.

Have you ever been so busy that you’ve lost sight of important things like your body, your relationships or other important things in your life? What did you do to correct it? How long did it take?

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