Hello and Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads! I hope that you are enjoying your special day in a meaningful way.

I am the classic “Daddy’s Girl”. I miss my father so much. While growing up there was very little that my father could do without my assistance, lol. Dad was building a deck for the pool – I was right by his side. Dad was in the yard doing some gardening, I helped with the mulch. And when Dad was hanging wallpaper, guess who was attached to his side – me! I do have a brother but I couldn’t leave my father alone 😉

Many girls grow up to look for a husband that is like our fathers. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Did you decide at 4 years old that you wanted to marry your father when you grow up? In many ways, I did, as I am married for the second time and I find that both of the men that I married each have some qualities that I respected in my dad. It gives me comfort and fills me with love.

I can’t ask my father what it means to be a dad. And my brother is not a father. So, I’ve asked my husband Tim for some input. He’s usually very chatty, unless I’m looking for a man’s point of view. Mute. Tim did share that it was a moment of sheer panic when he became a dad. Just the thought of being responsible for another human being was terrifying. He must have recovered, however, as he has raised two fine sons and lends guidance to my son as well.

Tim’s advice for his sons is to work hard, do what’s right, and treat people as you would like them to treat you.

From a woman’s point of view, I would also say to keep a sense of humor as we are raising the fathers of our future. Sensitivity and compassion are never wasted and are often rewarded. These are the men that will become future leaders and teach our grandchildren.

So whether your day includes time for prayer, a barbeque or game of golf, I wish a beautiful day of love and appreciation for all of the fathers. My father passed away in 2013 and I miss him so much. I’ve been blessed with my own beautiful son and daughter-in-law, step-sons, a new fur-baby, and a sweet little grand-puppy.

My father, Frank was a hard-working man his entire life. He was an electrical engineer for Philadelphia Electric Company and had his own pest control company. He was also a member of the Liberty Comic Brigade of the Mummers Parade. And, he had countless personal interests that included golf, gardening, cooking, and inspiring his family. I’ve posted my favorite picture of my father with me at my 50th birthday party.  Play some Frank Sinatra music and dance with my father, Frank today – he would love it!

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