BEING A MOTHER in 2017 means many things in a world that has changed in many ways. But, it is still the greatest gift, ever.

Families look different now. Today, we are focusing on mothers and mothers come in all varieties. There are mothers of newborn babies, adoptive mothers, foster-mothers, step-mothers, and grandmothers. How lucky are we to have so many women nurturing our future?

And we cannot forget our precious fur babies. I have a grand-puppy and I need to see him all of the time!

The moment that you become a mother, your life is forever changed in ways that you could not have imagined. Somehow from the first time that you look into that little face, you just know. You just know that you will love this being more than anything else in the world. And no one needs to tell you how to love and care for it more than you already know.

You are filled with a need to nurture, care and protect another living soul or souls from this point forward. And there is no greater reward.

It’s not always easy. Yes, there are tests – plenty of them. And, where are the instructions?? There are no instructions and there are no days off. This job is all instincts. You didn’t need to go to college for all of the hats that you need to wear.

There are no rules and it will be okay. Somehow, we all figure it out. Families are as different as snowflakes.

I have a moment with my mother that I would like to share with you. I was the first child for my parents. My younger brother was born 19 months after me. There were times when we made our mother just completely batty. In my mom’s last week of consciousness, she looked at me and said, “If there really is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as your child. I think that you are a great mother.” It was a tender moment and the absolute nicest thing that she could have ever said to me, her daughter. Please don’t be afraid to tell your children how much you love and respect your children.

So whether your day includes time for prayer, a breakfast or brunch or a dinner, I wish a beautiful day of love and appreciation for all of the mothers. My mother passed away in 1998 and I miss her every day. I’ve been blessed with my own beautiful son and daughter-in-law, step-sons, and a sweet little grand-puppy. And I hope that I am still making my mother (Barbara) proud.

My mother’s favorite flower was the rose and my father planted American Beauty rose bushes for her around our home. I’ve posted a Yellow Rose and butterfly in her honor. Please enjoy this beautiful flower with Barbara today – she would love it!

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