You may be wondering why an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach posts on different topics from time to time that do not seem to tie directly to nutrition as you know it. Why talk about relationships, gratitude, or empowerment? I’ll explain why.

I’ve been asked, “What is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?” Well, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach supports individuals and groups of people in making positive nutritional and lifestyle changes. Everything in your life is inter-related.

Below is an excerpt from the Preface of my new book “Have the Guts to Heal Your Gut”. This will bring clarity to the understanding that nutrition is more than the food that you eat.

I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN®) in New York City. It is the largest nutrition school in the world. My training is in holistic wellness and health coaching.

IIN® offers a truly comprehensive Health Coach Training Program that invites students to deeply explore the things that are most nourishing to them. From the physical aspects of nutrition and eating wholesome foods that work best for each individual person, to the concept of Primary Food – the idea that everything in life, including our spirituality, careers, relationships, and fitness contributes to our inner and outer health. IIN® helped me reach optimal health and balance. This inner journey unleashed the passion that compels me to share what I’ve learned and inspire others.

Your primary nutrition is actually in the core areas of Relationships, Career, Exercise, and Spirituality. The food that you eat is secondary. This is logical to me as these are the areas that nourish your soul. I would take a hug over a hamburger any time! So often, there is a deficiency in one of your primary areas that affects your lack of energy or possibly unexplained weight gain.

So, I look forward to sharing more conversations involving primary nutrition as well as nutritious food and recipes. I just came back from time with girlfriends in Sedona, Arizona and hiked for the first time ever! I’m waiting for the “good” pictures to share with you.

Feel free to share your thoughts by responding to a blog post or via my contact form. I welcome the dialogue with you!

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