It’s time for All Natural Mom’s Chicken Soup! There is snow in every state in the country and the temperature is below freezing. The warmth, flavor and ease in the preparation makes this soup a true winner in every category!

One 4-5 lb. whole chicken (or chicken parts)
Two large celery stalks (cut into bite size pieces)
Three large carrots (cut into bite size pieces)
One large onion (cut into bite size pieces)
5-8 black peppercorns
1 tsp sea salt
1-2 Bay Leaves (doesn’t matter if it’s California or Turkish)
Cold water

Optional: Egg noodles or Rice

Need: Large Stockpot

This recipe is entirely homemade and it has been passed down from prior generations strictly by word of mouth. It’s a versatile soup so easy to prepare and enjoy. The measurements are approximate and should be adjusted to your personal preferences. I use organic ingredients when available.

Clean and rinse the inside of the whole chicken and place in the bottom of the stockpot. Fill the stockpot with cold water so that it is at least 2” over the chicken. Then, add the vegetables, peppercorns, sea salt, and bay leaves to the pot.

You can have fun with it and add any other herbs that you enjoy.

I turn heat on high and boil. Once the broth boils, reduce heat to simmer for remainder of cook time and partially cover with lid to avoid potential evaporating. You will want to get a spoon and skim foam from the soup periodically. When you skim the foam off, throw it away. Note, organic chicken tends to yield very little of the foam.

After boiling for approximately one hour, remove the whole chicken with tongs and place in a bowl or on a cutting board. Cool chicken enough to handle and cut it into small pieces (spoon size). After cutting, place the smaller pieces back into the pot.

If you choose to enjoy the soup with rice or egg noodles, cook per the package instructions. Place the cooked rice or noodles in bowls first and then add the soup.

This recipe yields “a lot” of soup. If it seems like more than you can use or share within a week, freeze the broth for future enjoyment. #ChickenSoup #ChickenStock #ComfortFood #FeedYourSoul #HomeCooking #AllNatural #IIN #IntegrativeNutritionHealthCoach #DonnaRosen #GutHealth #HaveTheGutsToHealYourGut #Soup

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